How Time Affects Your Target Market: a Harry Potter Case Study

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Harry Potter eBook covers - a Case Study

When I was discussing these new Harry Potter eBook covers with authors and fellow readers, one topic dominated the conversation: target market. People pointed out that while they liked the new covers, they would have been an unsuitable choice for the original design run back in the late 90’s. I completely agree, and for one simple reason: The book’s market changed. In fact, these new covers are so different from the originals that they offer a Read More…

3 Ways the New Harry Potter eBook Covers Nailed Design

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New Harry Potter eBook Covers - Order of the Phoenix

In late 2015, Pottermore announced the launch of a new batch of Harry Potter book covers – but only for the ebook versions. What’s interesting is that the designer, Olly Moss, made these new digital covers look old and tactile. Personally I love them. But even putting my subjective tastes aside, there’s so much to talk about that I’ll be splitting this topic in two. This first post will cover Design, Read More…