What’s your turnaround?

My turnaround is 48 hours for a premade book cover, and 10 days for a custom design.

What’s your process?

Day 1 – Draft Phase
Once you submit a questionnaire via the Custom Orders page, I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. This response will include (a) a request for more information, if required, and (b) an invoice for a 50% deposit. Once the deposit has been confirmed by Paypal, we begin collaborative process to help define up to 3 cover concepts.

Day 3 – Selection Phase
I submit up to 3 concepts & receive your feedback. Your preferred draft is then tweaked as per your request. If you don’t like any of the concepts, that’s fine! I’m happy to refund your full deposit. However, because I take great care during the Draft Phase to really understand your requirements, this rarely winds up being an issue.

Day 4 – Development Phase
I begin work on the actual cover.

Day 7-10 – Proof Phase
I submit the proof to you for final review and approval. You send the remaining 50% of your payment via Paypal.

Day 10 – Delivery Phase
Once payment has been confirmed, I send all assets to you.

What’s a stock image?

While copyright for a stock image usually remains with the original photographer, he or she sells a license to users. This provides access to high-quality images without having to go to the expense of hiring a professional photographer.

Do you do non-fiction book covers?

Yes, I do both fiction and non-fiction covers, for ebook and print.

Premade Book Covers

Do you sell your premade book covers more than once?

No. Once you’ve paid for a premade book cover, it’s yours, and will never again be available for resale.

I like one of your premade book covers, but need a few minor tweaks – is this possible?

Sure! If you’d just like a different font, or some small adjustments (ie. change of eye color), that can definitely be arranged. Minor jobs cost $20, but if you want several changes to be made, I can give you a quote for the specific job.

I like one of your Premades, but need a Print Cover - are you able to convert?

Absolutely! Just add a Print Upgrade to your shopping cart.

I want to buy one of your premade book covers before someone else does, but I haven't yet settled on a book title - can I place it on reserve?

Absolutely! As long as you’ve paid for the premade book cover, I’m happy to put it aside and wait for you to get back to me with the final title.

Why can't you just send me a blank template, and I'll fill in the text later?

I send out a finished cover image based on the premade cover of your choice, not an editable template. This is because I can’t ensure that you have the same software and professional fonts that I do, or that you’ll know how to modify the template to accommodate a particularly long or short title, or that you’ll know the correct size and resolution for export. It’s my job to ensure your cover looks perfect, and I take that job seriously.

How often do you add new premade book covers to the collection?

I add new book covers all the time! If you’d like to know when I’ve released something new, just follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

Print Covers

Why do you charge extra for print book covers?

The production of a print-ready book cover involves extra work.
Back Cover & Spine: additional design work is required for both the spine and the back cover.
Additional printing considerations: This includes a higher image resolution, bleed/trim lines, margins, and changed color mode (RGB to CMYK).

If you need more than one print cover (ie. for different vendors/distributors) I charge US$40 per additional cover. Again, this is because different vendors have different templates, which requires additional formatting and time.


What's an Extended Image License, and why does it cost extra?

With all my premade and custom covers, I include a Standard Image License for stock images. This covers you for unlimited ebook sales, plus a print run of up to 500,000 units (or 250,000 units for Regency Romance, due to the photographer’s restrictions). If you anticipate print sales OVER these caps, then an Extended Image License – which permits an unlimited print run – can be purchased for an additional US$90 (please note that these restrictions are determined by the stock image provider. I include a Standard Image License by default to keep the cost of my covers down, and because it is normally more than sufficient for most author’s needs.)

Do I need to provide additional details for print book covers?

Yes! To make sure your cover is perfect, and provided you’re going with KDP for your printed books, I’ll need the following details from you:

  1. The size of the book (e.g. 6×9 or 5.5×8.5)
  2. The type of paper – white or cream
  3. The exact KDP page count
  4. Back Cover Matter Inclusions:
    – blurb (200-300 words max)
    – short author bio OR excerpts from reviews OR a quote from the book
    – your own publishing/author logo (optional)
    – QR code linking to your website (optional) – obtain via http://www.qrstuff.com/

If all this seems like a bit much to take in, don’t worry; I’ll work through it all with you during the design process.

What’s the deal with barcodes?
Barcodes only apply to print covers, not eBook covers. For Createspace.com there are options of using a free ISBN, a Custom ISBN or your own ISBN. For more information, please see Createspace’s summary. If you purchase your own ISBN from elsewhere, you’ll need to send me the file (usually a PDF) to add to the back cover.


What payment methods do you accept?
I accept payment via Paypal in US dollars.
What do you mean by ‘100% Money-back Guarantee?’
All Custom Designs (both eBook and Print) come with a Money-Back Guarantee. This means that if you don’t like any of my cover concepts, and no longer wish to move forward with the project, I will offer to refund your deposit in full. In other words, it’s absolutely risk-free! Once you accept a cover concept and give me the green light to go ahead with the final product, the offer no longer applies.
Do you give refunds for premade book covers?
Unfortunately, no. It takes time to manage stock and process refunds, and the only way I can keep my premade covers affordable is to ensure the process remains streamlined. However, if you just need a few changes to the premade book cover, I’m happy to help. Minor tweaks cost $20, and I can provide a quote for anything else.


Who owns copyright?
As the book cover’s designer, I retain full copyright. However, upon full payment, you possess an exclusive license for the product’s lifetime (i.e. forever). In real terms, this means that you – and only you – can use and sell these assets. While I retain the right to showcase my designs for promotional and portfolio purposes, I cannot sell or reuse them in any way.
What Stock Image license is included with my purchase?
All my covers come with a Standard License, which covers you for unlimited digital (ebook) reproductions, and up to 500,000 print reproductions. If you want unlimited print reproductions, an Extended License can be purchased for an additional US$80 (price set by stock image vendor).
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