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General FAQs

What's your process?

1. Order received
As soon as you place an order, you’ll get an email confirming receipt. Unless you provide instruction to hold off on customization, I’ll start working on your cover within 24 hours.

2. Drafts Submitted
I’ll send you up to 3 draft options. This is where you can nominate your favorite, and let me know if you want any changes.

3. Final Approval
Once you give me the thumbs up, I finalize the cover.

4. Done!
I send all assets to you. This includes the final high-resolution cover measuring 2700px by 1800px, along with free 3D mockups to help with promotions. If for any reason you need a larger file size, I’m happy to provide that, free of charge.

What's your turnaround?

Turnaround for ebook cover customization is up to 3 business days, unless you specifically request more time to decide upon your book’s details.

For my other products, here are the estimated timeframes:

Print Cover: 5-7 business days

Audiobook: 2-3 business days

Series Builder: 10-14 business days

Marketing Package: 7-10 business days


What files do you send to authors?

The assets I send authors are as follows:

Premade (ebook) Cover:

  • the final high-resolution ebook cover JPEG, measuring 2700px by 1800px, in RGB color mode (if you need larger dimensions, I’m happy to provide that free of charge)
  • free 3D mockups to help with promotions (PNG files with transparent backgrounds)

Print Cover:

  • a PDF file, formatted according to your chosen printer’s specs

Audiobook Cover:

  • a high-resolution JPEG, measuring 2400px by 2400px, in RGB color mode

Series Builder:

  • the final high-resolution ebook cover JPEG, measuring 2700px by 1800px, in RGB color mode (if you need larger dimensions, I’m happy to provide that free of charge)
  • free 3D mockups to help with promotions (PNG files with transparent backgrounds)

What's a stock image?

A stock image is an image (ie. photograph or illustration) licensed to creators for a set fee. The license is generally not exclusive; this gives authors access to high-quality images for use in book covers and marketing materials, without having to go to the expense of hiring a professional photographer.

I've found/purchased an image I love - can I get you to make a cover out of it?

Absolutely! Some of my clients like to purchase exclusive model images from specialty photographers, then come to me for the book cover design. If you have any questions about this, just send me an email.

Can I hire you to do a custom book cover?

I generally stick to premades (or, less often, creating covers from a client’s pre-purchased image). I don’t usually design customs from scratch. However, I do have a few windows that open up throughout the year, so if you have a specific project in mind, just send me an email and we’ll talk!

Can I see some of your completed projects?

Sure thing! My Portfolio page showcases a range of my finished works.

If I wish to buy an Add-On, do I need to add it to my cart when I purchase a premade, or can I come back and buy it at a later date??

You can buy as many Add-Ons as you need, at any time, now or in the future! In other words, there’s no need to buy them at the same time as your premade cover.

Premade Book Cover FAQs

Do you sell your premade book covers more than once?

No. Once you’ve paid for a premade book cover, it’s yours, and will never again be available for resale.

I like one of your premades, but need a few minor tweaks – is this possible?

Absolutely! Minor jobs are free of charge (this includes repositioning text or changing font color). I consider this part of customizing your premade, and will rework the drafts until you’re 100% happy.

If your request means changing the premade into something different (for example, you want a completely different font, or a new visual element, or a change to the whole color scheme), a fee will be incurred. It’s usually US$25 per edit, but if your request means significant re-editing beyond this, then I’m happy to provide you with a quote. Either way, I’ll never ‘surprise’ you with an extra fee – it will always be clarified first.

I need a Print Cover, too - are you able to do this?

Can do! Just add a Print Cover Add-On to your shopping cart.

I want to buy one of your premade book covers before someone else does, but I haven't yet settled on a book title - can I place it on reserve?

That’s no problem at all (actually, a lot of my clients do this). As long as you’ve paid for the premade book cover, I’m happy to put it aside and wait for you to get back to me with the final title. Just pop a note in the provided ‘Order Notes’ box (you’ll see it when you reach the Checkout page), and that’s it! There’s no expiry date on customization, so take as long as you need.

How often do you add new premade book covers to the collection?

I add new book covers all the time! If you’d like to know when I’ve released something new, the best thing to do is sign up to my newsletter. The second best thing to do is join my Facebook Group – new members always welcome!

Print Cover FAQs

Do I need to provide additional details for print book covers?

Once you place your order for a print cover, I’ll be in touch to request some details from you. Specifically:

  1. The size of the book (e.g. 6″×9″)
  2. The type of paper (usually white or cream)
  3. The exact page count (as uploaded to the vendor)
  4. Back Cover Matter Inclusions (whatever you like!):
    – blurb
    – short author bio OR excerpts from reviews OR a quote from the book
    – your own publishing/author logo (optional)
    – QR code linking to your website (optional) – obtain via QR Stuff

If all this seems like a bit much to take in, don’t worry; I’ll work through it all with you during the design process.

What’s the deal with barcodes?

Barcodes only apply to print covers, not ebook covers. For KDP, you can provide your own ISBN, or they’ll allocate one to you. For more information, please see KDP’s documentation. If you purchase your own ISBN from elsewhere, just send me the file (usually a PDF) and I’ll add it to the back cover.

What if I need extra print covers (ie. I'm going through multiple printers)?

All you need to do is order another Print Cover  (ie. one per printer).  For example, many of my clients print through both Amazon KDP and IngramSpark, so they order 2 x Print Cover Add-Ons.

What Stock Image License is included with my Print Cover purchase?

All of my premade book covers include a Standard Image License for stock images. This covers you for unlimited digital (ebook) sales, plus a print run of up to 500,000 units. If you anticipate print sales OVER these caps, or if you hit this print run limit, then an Extended Image License – which permits an unlimited print run – can be purchased for an additional US$90. Please note that these restrictions are determined by the stock image provider. I include a Standard Image License by default to keep the cost of my covers down, and because it is normally more than sufficient for most author’s needs.

Payment & Legal FAQs

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept payment via Paypal in US dollars. If you need invoicing for anything else (ie. a custom designed book cover, or marketing you’ve commissioned from me), I invoice via Paypal, too.

Do you give refunds for premade book covers?

Unfortunately, no. It takes time to manage stock and process refunds, and the only way I can keep my premade covers affordable is to ensure the process remains streamlined. However, if you just need a few tweaks, I offer free unlimited drafts to ensure you’re happy.

Who owns copyright?

As the book cover’s designer, I retain full copyright. However, once I receive payment, you possess an exclusive license for the product’s lifetime (in other words, forever). In real terms, this means that you – and only you – can use and sell these assets. While I retain the right to showcase my designs for promotional and portfolio purposes, I cannot sell or reuse them in any way.

What are your policies on Privacy and Cookies?

For information on how this site respects your privacy and data rights, please read my Privacy Policy.

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