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Written a romance series?

Series Badges are a useful way to create stronger branding for your series, and add that extra bit of polish to help your cover stand out!

You’ll see them in a huge range of subgenres, including Mafia Romance, Sports Romance, College Romance and more. They most often take the format of a graphic, combined with the Series Name and the book’s numerical position in the series (ie. Book One, Book Two etc.).

Examples of graphics include:
– a shield or emblem (good for College and Bully Romance)
– a grungy, tattoo-style graphic for MC Romance
– a team badge for Sports Romance

Series Badges are displayed on the cover, either in a corner or integrated into the Title. However, they can also be used in any marketing material, including Facebook covers, website banners, promotional images and promotional videos.

This Add-On gets you a Series Badge in PNG (transparent background) format, to use anywhere you like! It also includes unlimited drafts and includes all stock image fees (where stock images are used).

If you have any more questions about Series Badges, just drop me a line!


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